Toyota Etios Cross – AutoPortal assesses the youthful hatch

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The Japanese car manufacturer – Toyota Kirloskar Motors Private Limited has a long list of good cars starting from the old Qualis. The Toyota Etios series, selling here since 2010, has been developed on a new platform and has completely new mechanics. The Etios Liva hatchback has it all – an innovative styling, roomy interiors, superior ride comfort and best in class mileage at competitive prices. What it lacked was a bit of flashiness. Toyota realised this and has now come up with the Etios Cross which is indeed a hatchback with SUV features. It is a compact crossover and certainly has more presence than the Liva hatchback.


Etios Cross comes with the same ground clearance and mechanics as Liva. But it now looks much muscularby a bold front grille with grille guard and fog lamps, tough front and rear bumpers, distinctive side cladding with skid plate, sturdy roof rails, diamond cut ten spoke alloy wheels, ORVMs with turn indicators and a rear roof spoiler. This flashy model is available in eight bright colours and is targeted at the new generation car enthusiasts.

Dual tone black and beige colour scheme with a glossy black and silver finish adorns the interiors. Toyota’s true standard is evident in the materials and plastics used. The crossover can comfortably house in 5 passengers and offers a boot capacity of 251 litres. Comfort and safety features include cup holders, bottle holders, accessory power outlets, glove box unit, air conditioning unit, 2 Din music system, an advanced instrument panel, power windows and steering, ABS, dual airbags, central locking, child safety locks, fog lights and rear defogger apart from a strong collision absorbing body.

The Etios Cross is available with three engine options out of which one is an oil burner. The petrol variant of the car is powered by a 1.5-litre, 4-cylinder, DOHC 1496 cc petrol engine which can produce a maximum power of 89 bhp and a maximum torque of 132 NM. The diesel variant has a 1.4-litre, 4-cylinder, SOHC D4D 1364 cc engine which can generate a maximum power of 67 bhp and net torque of 170 NM. Both petrol and diesel enginesare mated to a 5-speed manual transmission gear box. The fuel efficiency is around 16 kmpl for the petrol engine and 23 kmpl for the diesel variant.

Toyota Etios Cross variants are available in the price range of Rs 5.7 to Rs 7.4 lakhs approximately. It costs just Rs 30000 to 50000 more than the Liva hatchback. So people who want a stylish vehicle but are not willing to either sacrifice the feasibilities of a small hatchor spend extra money for them can go for the Etios Cross.

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J-2612MX Universal Fixed Panel, Digital Touch Screen Car GPS DVD Player Review

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98_acura_cl2There are lots of people who like to watch videos while traveling with a car. This is not new thing though, but then most people don’t have a video player attach to their car. So in order to make ones journey an enjoyful one, you can now attach GPS DVD player in your car. There are numbers and different brand of GPS DVD Player for car, but then all of them doesn’t meet our needs in general sense.

Being a customer, we all prefer a good quality of any things. We search good quality on the basis of its features, so in term of GPS DVD player, you can grab the best GPS DVD player in the market. J-2612MX universal fixed panel along with digital touch screen GPS DVD player for car is the best customer choice so far. This gadget has a smart function and its features are comparatively awesome.

Get the complete information on its features as you go through the below points.

Features of J-2612MX Car GPS DVD Player:

The features of J-2612MX Car GPS DVD player is something that you must acknowledge the product to be good.

  • This GPS DVD player supports a full screen touch and it do have a screen menu for user to adjust the settings.
  • It has an operating system of Window CE 6.0.
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity and then support different language.
  • The media video playing screen resolution can be expanded up to 1080P.
  • There are one AV input and two AV output.
  • There is a USB port of 2.0 and SD card can be inserted.
  • All types of audio and video formats are supported that means you can freely play different types of files in this GPS DVD player.
  • The screen size of this player comes with 6.2inch with screen resolution of 800×480.
  • It has internal storage of 128MB(flash memory) and RAM of 256MB.
  • You can access FM Radio through this player.
  • Regarding picture, it only support JPEG file.
  • It comes with a build-in function of GPS navigation.
  • This player also support rare camera.
  • It also has steering wheel control function.

These are some of its important features, it is sufficient enough for a car owner to have such a good Car GPS/DVD player. This DVD player is unlike other Car DVD players, as it contained lots of features because of which it is worth of buying. It gives you all the fun that you can have out of this cool gadget. So what are you waiting for grab this so called J-2612MX car GPS/DVD player. Click on buy to check this awesome product or else click on more product option to select of your choice.



How can we contribute to spread the spirit of charity?

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Charity, a gracious characteristic in man, brings welfare in the community. It makes our hearts overflow with unexplainable happiness and extends the message of brotherhood and unblemished love among the people.

Even though the word charity was not altered much over the centuries, the subtexts have changed a lot. Charity has been always associated with the assistance of the poor. Some researchers have defined charity as the groundwork of society. The civilization cannot grow and thrive without helping the underprivileged to carry on living.

The Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, Mr. Mohamed Dekkak believes that giving to charity or helping other people with your own hands is what makes this world a better place to live in. He has organized a foundation in order to aid the people in Morocco and West Africa particularly the children, women, socially disadvantaged and physically challenged individual.

The act of charity was acclaimed in the olden days. Many recognized persons survived and sustained their lives on alms given by different well off people. At that time, the practice was considered as everything that we can share in charity for the welfare of the people and the community.

It is true that charity begins at home. Charity could start within the neighborhoods of an individual. This signifies that in every family, the parents must teach their offspring to be compassionate towards the poor and the troubled. This will be successful if they themselves practice the noble act, showing a good example to their children because charity makes one glorious and pure at heart.


It is unquestionable that the segments from the rich have always become a factor that leads to the development in the state of living of the poor. Various big companies, charities trust and societies make huge contributions in areas of food supply, poverty-alleviation, education and health security. The richest men in the planet encourage their fellow billionaires all over the world to follow their advocacy to help the needy them. Their efforts would have a ripple effect whose benefits are being seen all over the world. But a present, a lot more needs to be done.

With charity achieving our visions and dreams is possible. It comes from love and because of it, we will be united and the persons who started it will be able to achieve great things. Charity is a trait which helps us to never fail and is undeniably the best positive trait we could desire for ourselves.

A person who is naturally kind and has the compassion from his early age towards the needy is normally found to help and make donations to the poor. He usually feels satisfied in giving alms or giving out relief to any one he considered in need without hesitation.

A charitable person genuinely loves and cares about his fellowmen and is always willing to help them whenever it is needed. He can sympathize and sensitive to the feelings of others. Painful scenes or depression bothers him and he tries everything he could to ease that misery. He is extremely enthused at the sight of beggars, or sufferers of natural calamities.

Charity is a good foundation for everything we do. It is necessary that all the things that we make or do should be rooted and inspired by love. There is a viewpoint that our life on earth is just a temporary period of an everlasting journey towards salvation. This short-lived phase, which we call life, has to be celebrated with a purpose and it is better to derive the true meaning of life from the joy of giving. We can realize our dreams and joy by giving to charity.


Contributor: Sarah Hewlett

How to keep your passwords safe

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Have you ever signed up for an online account, and then found out you are required to setup a password containing a combination of letters, symbols and numbers? Setting up such a password is not only annoying, but you also end up forgetting it just a few second later after setup. Now you are required to retrieve your password if you would like to access your newly setup account. Accordingly, most websites require that you setup a strong password containing a combination of letters, symbols and numbers – there’s simply no way around it. However, people have a natural tendency to forget such combinations. On the other hand, it also makes good sense for users to setup a password in this format because there’s a less likely chance that their account could be hacked.

Likewise, 99 percent of people on earth have limited ability to memorize complicated combinations. Thus, if you have a variety of user accounts, you are likely to adopt the following techniques in order to manage your passwords:


Keeping the same password and username for all your user-accounts:

Using the same user-name and password for all your accounts is a tried and tested technique that works well. However, it is a highly discouraged practice by information security experts. Why so you may wonder? Well, say for example your facebook account gets hacked. Chances are good that all your other accounts would be compromised, since the criminals know that many people like to use the same set of user-credentials for all their accounts. Therefore, if you have the same set of user-credentials for all your accounts, change them right away. On a separate note,there’s also a chance that your spouse, parents or friends could screw around with your user accounts – if you had provided them details on one of your accounts, they just might try the same set of username/password to access your other accounts.

Saving your user-credentials on an excel sheet:

Another popular technique to remember and retrieve passwords involves users actually saving their details on an excel sheet. Although excel sheets can be password protected, they often get deleted by mistake or are mislabeled – making it difficult to find the actual file. In short, saving your user-credentials on an excel file is a primitive and overall inefficient means of managing your usernames and passwords.

The perfect solution for managing passwords:

In the past, there was no choice but to remember your login details. Now, with everything going online, people are required to setup online user accounts for pretty much everything, and an average person can typically have up to 40-50 user accounts – making it impossible to remember every set of login detail. Luckily, recently software developers have invented applications that act as your personal password manager. These applications automatically let users fill out online forms, dynamically generate strong passwords and automatically log-in users to their accounts without the need to lift a finger. So you may be wondering how secure is it to save all your secret credentials inside an application? The best part about password managing applications is that all your information is encrypted, and some applications also allow the users to sync their accounts between desktop and smart phone applications.

Password managing applications do more than help you keep your passwords organized. Often times, these dynamic apps can also change your passwords for you and warn you if your passwords are weak. In all, they are considered an invaluable tool for today’s online environment.

Autonomous Car

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autonomous car

autonomous car

Independent means having the force for self-government. Many recorded tasks identified with vehicle independence have indeed just been mechanized (made to be programmed) because of a substantial dependence on counterfeit clues in their surroundings, for example, attractive strips. Independent control infers great execution under noteworthy vulnerabilities in nature for augmented times of time and the capacity to make up for framework disappointments without outside intervention. As can be seen from numerous ventures specified, it is regularly proposed to augment the abilities of a self-sufficient auto by actualizing correspondence systems both in the prompt region (for crash shirking) and far away (for clogging administration). By acquiring these outside impacts in the choice process, some would no more respect the auto’s conduct or capacities as self-governing; for instance Wood et al. (2012) composes “This Article by and large uses the expression “self-ruling,” rather than the expression “mechanized.” We have decided to utilize the expression “self-sufficient” on the grounds that it is the term that is right now in more across the board utilization (and subsequently is more recognizable to the overall population). In any case, the last term is apparently more precise. “Robotized” means control or operation by a machine, while “self-ruling” suggests acting alone or freely. A large portion of the vehicle ideas (that we are presently mindful of) have an individual in the driver’s seat, use a correspondence association with the Cloud or different vehicles, and don’t autonomously select either destinations or courses for arriving at them. Consequently, the expression “robotized” would all the more precisely portray these vehicle concepts”.

In the United States, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has created an authority grouping system:

Level 0: The driver totally controls the vehicle at all times.

Level 1: Individual vehicle controls are robotized, for example, electronic steadiness control or programmed braking.

Level 2: At minimum two controls can be mechanized as one, for example, versatile voyage control in blend with path keeping.

Level 3: The driver can completely cede control of all security discriminating capacities in specific conditions. The auto faculties when conditions require the driver to retake control and gives a “sufficiently agreeable move time” for the driver to do as such.

Level 4: The vehicle performs all security discriminating capacities for the whole trek, with the driver not anticipated that would control the vehicle whenever. As this vehicle would control all capacities from begin to quit, including all stopping capacities, it could incorporate vacant autos.

Acura CL’s

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For the 1999 model year, the Acura CL’s kin, the TL, was upgraded. The CL, notwithstanding, was never created as a 2000 model and rather in March 2000 the totally upgraded Acura CL was discharged as a 2001 model emphasizing a 3.2 L SOHC VTEC J-arrangement V6. A route framework was additionally accessible alongside the Type-S model, meaning Acura’s “Game” release. While the consistent CL offered a 225 hp (168 kW) V6, the Type-S bragged a 260 hp (194 kW) V6 with 17-inch wheels, a firmer suspension, somewhat bigger brakes, and firmer seats. At the time, the Type-S was the most effective front wheel drive vehicle Honda had ever manufactured.[2] In 2002, the CL Type-S was offered, as a 2003 model, with a nearby degree 6-pace manual transmission with a helical constrained slip differential. The 6-rate CL erased some minor inner part emphasizes from the programmed, for example, a focal point support light. Likewise, the warmed seats just emphasized one hotness setting (versus high and low in the auto). VSA and TCS were likewise not found on the 6-rate auto, and as being what is indicated, a 3-channel ABS unit was utilized. One of the primary reactions of the CL was that a manual transmission had been dropped when the auto was updated for the 2001 model year. Not very many manual transmission models were constructed; there were 2,691 without route and 820 with route, for an aggregate of 3,511.[3] Despite such little quantities of manual transmissions, there was still a more noteworthy interest than Acura had anticipated. The 6-pace auto was profoundly lauded by commentators, with one calling it “the high purpose of Acura execution outside the NSX and Integra Type-R”.[4] However, with the CL’s sister auto, the TL, heading up on an overhaul for the 2004 model year, the CL was dropped from Acura’s lineup and right up ’til today Acura has no fair size extravagance roadster substitution. Absolute Acura CL deals from 2000 until 2003, when the last new model was sold, was under 31,000 units. The CL’s manual transmission makes due in the third era TL and seventh era Honda Accord. 2003 Acura CL 2003 likewise saw corrective changes to the CL. The 5 watt street/haze lights found on the 01–02 models were erased, and non-useful air vents were introduced in their spot. The grille encompass and entryway handles were currently body shading, instead of being chrome on the 01–02. The side mirrors were additionally updated (for both the 2002 and 2003 models) by having an all the more square shape, full body matched paint, and tinted glass since clients had grumbled about over the top wind commotion originating from the mirror crease. The 2003 models likewise saw new headlights which now emphasized a passed out inner part, and the taillight lenses had a cleared turn flag and invert light. Sort S’s presently included overhauled 17 × 7″ 12-spoke wheels. Overhauled thicker fumes tips were additionally another expansion. Canadian CLs offer daytime running lights and a windshield washer liquid level sensor as standard gear (USDM CL’s don’t have these as an alternat

Engine Coach Industries

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Engine Coach Industries International Inc. (MCII) is an American transport maker situated in Des Plaines, Illinois, and is a main member in the North American mentor transport industry. It has different working backups:

Engine Coach Industries, Ltd. – Canadian producing office, found in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Engine Coach Industries, Inc. – U.S. producing office, found in Pembina, North Dakota.

MCI Sales and Service, Inc. – U.S. new and preowned mentor deals division.

MCI Service Parts – secondary selling parts deals division of the organization, situated in Des Plaines, Illinois, with its dispersion focus placed in Louisville, Kentucky, with close access to the worldwide UPS dissemination focus.

MCI Financial Services – mentor financing division, situated in Dallas, Texas.

Initially established in 1933 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, in 2008 the organization recorded for Chapter 11 insolvency security. After different changes of structure and proprietorship, the business is currently possessed by KPS Capital Partners, LP; in September 2010 they finished a controlling speculation, through a member, in MCII Holdings Inc., the guardian organization